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Unrivalled news channel

SkyTg24 is an unrivalled, world class, 24 hours news channel with a spirit of innovation. Aiming to report what is happening first and fastest than other news organisations, providing the best in-depth analysis to date. Launched on 31 July 2003, it provides non-stop rolling news, weather forecasts and sports stories with half-hourly updates and is the most followed all news channel within the italian panorama that otherwise managed to capture more than 5M viewers during its peak programming.

In the intersection of facts

During the rebranding operation that took place in 2010, the goal was to define the brand visual strategy by developing a full identity system that could frame the editorial principles, convey an intimate connection with the audience and set the agenda. Besides, the national editorial perspective runs throughout the channel where materials, shapes and colours adopted from the logo design help root the channel at the intersection of the fact, shaping trustworthy, authoritative and up-to-date news.

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