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London Olympics

The athletes recurrent dream

London 2012, was a major international multi-sport event celebrated in the tradition of the Olympic Games. Around 10,700 athletes from 205 countries took part in the competitions, making the Games widespread acclaimed for organization and coverage, being the largest and most successful multi-sport event ever held in the United Kingdom.

Celebrating diversity

Thanks to our consolidated collaboration, SkySport got in contact for concepting a new bold creativity for their event broadcast coverage. We wanted to connect emotionally the location and its venues with the athlete’s high level performances, by encompassing the hundreds of facets of the live games. Thanks to extreme angles and razor sharp graphic ribbon we achieved an epic and powerful look&feel that interacts seamlessly both with the athlete’s performances and the event multicultural diversity.


Just win!

For this alternative proposal we focused on the human element. It was a precise intent to dive deep in the athlete’s emotions and channel them within pure and clean frames. This approach would have allowed the fans to bond with their favourite heroes and experience their expectations to perform higher. And convey the only and unique goal they constantly purse during the careers: to win the gold medal.

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