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Sky Arte

Art is around us

SkyArteHD brings into the Italian television the culture of art with a new cut, while appealing a wider audience thanks to innovative products and quality.

 The palimpsest is dedicated to art in several forms: cinema, contemporary art, classical art, literature, theatre,music, street art.

Art within all its forms

While the palimpsest aimed to cover art in several forms - cinema, contemporary art, classical art, literature, theatre, dance, music, street art - the challenge of this branding operation lied in the goal to express art using a new language, which could create a connection  between classic and modern.

Putting attention for its traditional definition as well depicting the most recent interpretations and alternatives, the creativity enhanced the integration of abstract animated graphics on lively snapshots of the best Italian art cities. Enabling us to express the idea that the creative thought can explore, renovate and give new life and interpretations.

Diverse creative power

In order to fully explore the concept of art and creativity we partnered with renowned studios and artists around the world (2Veinte, Diestro, Jon Yeo, Mitch Monson ) collaborating with them in order to shape the best options for the channel. And to elevate the message and lift the right tone of voice for the brand.

Thanks to the amazing 2Veinte team creative skills we delivered a full set of mixed live/cgi idents as well as a cutting edge promotion graphics package.

Across the continents

To prevent miscommunication and align the client expectation with the team overseas , my task was to provide the creative and art direction via accurate documentations. Showing examples, references and detailed feedbacks in order to facilitate the production and maximize the outcome.

Art&creativity: the perfect match 

The launch of SkyArte was a national and international success.
The agency was recognized of the Identity Grand Prix 2012 in the "Broadcast Design&Identity" category and the creativity was planned on national press periodicals and newspapers, celebrating and emphasising the perfect union between branding, Tv and Art.

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