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Give to the user the ability to express their emotions and feelings, refreshing the network identity thanks to a more vibrant and innovative viewing experience. Offering  the opportunity to express their emotions, by being at the centre of the new identity and validating the social scenarios as new entry point, in 2012 we created an intimate connection with the OSN brand and its customers.


Start talking

Bonding identity

We created a set of idents that seamlessly align with local culture and behaviours, by choosing iconic, astonishing locations and showcasing on-air the best tweets appeared during the teasing online social campaigns. These stories threads are the fabric of Arab society, as they are across the world. The deep connection between the characters and the storytelling we develop, represent the core culture of the network that meanwhile listening is also able to convey and communicate with a deeper meaning.

Elegant promotion

In parallel with the set of idents we built a brand architecture utilised for promotion, digital and outdoor activities that clearly positioned the network as the best in class broadcaster in the area. Thanks to a vibrant and crisp graphic package along with targeted core messages we enhanced the perception of the brand, elevating Osn to a global player within the broadcaster panorama.

Social activated branding

In 2012 we understood earlier than anyone the opportunities that technology and social network can unleash, widening the viewing experience on unexpected routes and making Osn

a clear pioneer within the digital panorama.

Trust the client, engage with the audience

In order to succeed with the multifaceted nature of the branding package every small detail counted. By establishing a trustful connection with the client, all opportunities were widely discussed and shared with trust and acceptance. Our constructive collaboration has been the solid foundation and essential condition for creating one of the most successful broadcast rebranding within the Mena region.

Numbers that make the difference

Since its launch on September 1st, 2013, the new package has had a positive impact on both Osn brand awareness and Osn advertisement recall in all Osn’s core markets.

Brand awareness has risen by 9% in KSA, 9% in UAE and 13% in Egypt, while Ad awareness has improved 13% in KSA, 12 in UAE and 3% in Egypt. Additionally, the new on-air look marks a significant first for the region’s broadcast industry integrating customer engagement via social media with the TV viewing experience.

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