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Hugo Boss - McLaren

30 years partnership anniversary

On the 7th Sept 2011, Milan’s Piazza San Babila became the canvas for a spectacular show commissioned by Hugo Boss to celebrate its 30-year partnership with McLaren F1.  Different brand activations were designed both inside and outside the retail space to commemorate the event. And the facade of the square was transformed into a kaleidoscopic theatre in which the physical contours blurred. Thanks to state of the art 3D projection mapping, the audience could appreciate a new multidimensional experience, leveraging emotions typical of extreme motorsport and beauty fashion, fused into a surreal scenario transcending both Brands.


Creativity and technology at new heights

We partnered with Roberto Fazio, one of the most talented mapping artists on the national scene, to accomplish this complex task. The projection was incredibly sharp, contributing to amplifying the content that was designed in such a way to push the illusion of third dimensions popping out of the building.

Both F1 drivers Janson Button and Lewis Hamilton, were invited to the ceremony and elevated the atmosphere. They ultimately expressed great appreciation for such an innovative solution and engaging representation of both brands.

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