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Angelsign Studio   

2009 - 2015
A branding, motion and experiential design agency.
Hello. Thanks for stopping by.

This website is a homage to Angelsign Studio, one of Italy's most pioneering design agencies, founded back in 2009, when Instagram didn't exist, Cinema 4D had less than half of today's releases and few knew what 3D projection mapping meant.

As founder and creative director of the agency, I had the great fortune to work on extraordinary projects and incredible clients, partnering with uber-talented worldwide professionals and artists. 

More than anything, this site is a tribute to all of the individuals that I met along the way, contributing to inspiring my creativity and the person I am today.

Sincerely, Danilo
Thanks to each of you, in a very casual order:

Marcel Ziul

Marcus Vaz

Mitch Monson

Andrew Serkin

Lilit Hayrapetyan

Nathan Howe

Naveed Muhammed

Sara Root

Alex Dimkov

Craig Stouffer

Stefano DeCeglie

Philip Bichsel

Mike Tello

Gabriel Rocha

Patrick Scruggs

Cristian Pasciani Zuniga

Sean Starkweather

Michele Fucci

Andrea Nadalini

Roberto Fazio

Matteo Del Nero

Jon Yeo

Carlos Rojas Coutinho

Daniel Luna

Graham Boles

Nazar Jnativ

Dan Pavel

Don Zhaozhan

Sebastian Swarzeski

Javier Girona

Felipe Medina

Luca Coassin

Daniele Carmosino

Margherita Premuroso

Jeff Dobrow

Aaron Knapp

Giulio Petrone

Alessandro Durando

Eugenio Antonio Marrari

Manuela Cuadrado

Cindy Liu

Sebastian Bunzel

Onur Senturk

Lorenzo Levrero

Danny Rubyono

Filippo Vaccari

Jhon Koltai

Sebastian Livingstone

Stefano Scotti

Jose Leon Molfino

Tom Williams

Augustin Valcarenghi

Pablo Gostanian

Giuliano Camarda

Carlo DeAgostini

Timofey Penkov

Marilisa Besana

Hasmik Mkhchyan

Carla Dasso

Dario Cavaliere

Nicoletta Sinatti

Giuliano Ambrosio

Cesar Carvallo Gutierrez

Andrea Pellegrini

Ted Gore

Chris Tulloch McCabe

Studio selected clients

For sharing good memories or general inquiries please email:

+44 7825 756870

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